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Akademin i samverkan BARE

Did you know that the division of Real Estate Science participates in Business Arena (BARE) events throughout Sweden? BARE is a popular real estate business event series organized annually in several locations in Sweden, as well as in London, and Helsinki. The event series is organized by Fastighetsnytt.  

A joint initiative called “Akademin i samverkan” aims to share research-based results, and promote potential collaborations between business and academia at BARE. We have teamed up with partner institutions from Chalmers, KTH and Malmö University to facilitate the knowledge-exchange. Akademi i samverkan activities include a stand at the event with interactive content, as well as organized seminar sessions offered as part of the event programs. The seminars have been very popular with BARE participants, despite many interesting competing parallel sessions.

Our division takes part in three BARE events annually, the main event in Stockholm, and regional events in Göteborg and Malmö.

Our partner institutions in Akademin i samverkan:

Chalmers CMB (Centre for Management of the Built Environment)
KTH Department of Real Estate and Construction Management, Real Estate Planning and Law
Malmö University, Department of Urban Studies

In 2021, Akademin i samverkan will contribute to the following BARE events:

Stockholm 22-23 September (hybrid event)

Göteborg 9 November (hybrid event)

For more information, please contact: Riikka Kyrö