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VFTN65 Methods in Real Estate Economics and Management (7.5 credits)

The course aims to give the students skills and approaches needed for designing and conducting research work in the field of Real Estate Science. The course will provide the students knowledge of applicable quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as an understanding of how and when the methods should be used. The course comprises:

  • Lectures on central positions and concepts in scientific research and on various scientific methods.
  • Exercise sessions where different methods are applied or discussed.
  • Writing a research plan for a degree project in Real Estate Science.
  • Final seminar where the research plans are presented and discussed.

The course is available for the L program, year 4. The course may be given in English, and is suitable for exchange students.

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Course coordinators

Course readings

SAUNDERS, M. N. K., LEWIS, P., & THORNHILL, A. (2019). Research methods for business students, 8th edition, Pearson Education Limited, Harlow, England.

Other reading material TBA at lectures