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VFTF40 Business for the Built Environment (7.5 credits)

The course aims to provide students with the knowlegde and skills required to analyze issues in business administration, particulalry applied to real estate and the built environment. The course discusses how businesses are organized and managed, and introduces the foundations of corporate strategy, marketing and leadershp. Other core topics comprise corporate social responsiblity, corporate culture, and innovation.

We study businesses' goals, conditions under which they operate, and managment and analysis tools. Special foucs is placed on strategic management. Topical issues like corporate social responsibility and innovation management are widely discussed during the course.

A major part of the course (50% of grade) is a group project. Student groups will come up with out business idea, write a business plan, and pitch their idea to others and an expert panel during a Pitch Day.  

The 7.5 credit course is available for the L program, year 3, in period I. The course will be given in English, and is suitable for exchange students.

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Course coordinator

Course Readings

Pride, W.M., Hughes, R.J. & Kapoor, J. (2019) Foundations of Business, 6th ed., CENGAGE learning.

Other study material TBA at lectures.