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SHare Optimize REimagine (SHORE)

The circular economy discourse within built environment has mainly focused on cradle-to-cradle design practices and salvaging building materials for new construction. This is paradoxical, as the transition from a linear to a circular economy is not possible without optimizing the use of our existing building stock. SHare, Optimize, Reimagine – reframing circular economy for the real estate and construction industry focuses on existing buildings, and on alternative circular approaches such as shared spaces and adaptive reuse.

The mission of SHORE is to collectively reimagine a circular future for the real estate and construction industry. We will establish, through transdisciplinary research and co-creative case studies in Sweden and Finland, how sharing could shape the business, how adaptive reuse could be optimized for both cost and carbon, and what circularity could look like in the real estate and construction industry in the years to come.




SHORE is funded by Formas - a Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development.